The Main Features of TVS Academy
The Main Features of TVS Academy
A Stimulating Learning Environment
The curricula in the various programs promote a spirit of inquiry and the cultivation of self learning skills by providing students with the variety of experiences to observe, question and reflect upon various issues, events and objects, and critically examine their personal beliefs and assumptions.
A Sense of Excellence
The school encourages students to diligently strive for continuous improvement in all their endeavors. Benchmarks of excellence are created in academic and non-academic areas enabling students to assess their progress using rubrics.
Pre school program
Students engage in a wide variety of activities during their time at school. Students play with puzzles and other manipulative toys. Listen to stories and interact with each other in small groups. Engage in outdoor play, imaginative play in the classroom home-corner, as well as take part in art and craft activities, and singing or moving to music. Basic social skills are nurtured in a low stress and highly engaging environment.
Primary school program
The program focuses on the total growth of the developing child. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the social, physical, emotional and cultural needs of the growing child. Students are introduced to reading and writing in Tamil and English. The bilingual approach encourages effective communication.
Middle school program
In the middle school pure sciences and social sciences are introduced. In addition to experiential learning audio visual scaffolding is provided as stepping stones towards assimilation of abstract of concepts. Peer influence plays a major role during this period of transition. This is effectively harnessed by encouraging ' buddy learning' and ' group activities', which help children develop self- confidence, an understanding of others perspectives and a caring attitude.
High school program
In the High school the educational program shifts in its emphasis towards preparation of students to face examinations confidently and without stress. Students are introduced to test taking strategies and encouraged to set short term and long term goals and monitor their progress in terms of the set goal. Students are introduced to various career options and course requirements of Universities. The thrust is on facing the final exam without too much pressure.
Science LAB
Students in the middle and high school choose a scientific investigation that they wish to undertake. With guidance, they carry out the investigation that sustains their curiosity and helps arrive at inferences and interpretations. This is showcased for the rest of the school. These investigatory projects promote application of scientific principles and skills, students also learn a great deal about presentation and working with others towards a desired goal.
Theatre Art
Theatre Art is an integral to the school curriculum as the sciences, mathematics and social sciences. Theatre is meant to complement other disciplines and is seen to be integral to a child's holistic learning. Theatre brings in another dimension to the learning experience of children where mathematical formulae, theories and laws of science and not just certain stories from English and Tamil literature are dramatized. Numerous theatre workshops and presentations have also been conducted under some of the doyens of Children's theatre.
Children need to appreciate classical music, folk music, western classical, choral singing. The school is able to use a non-pedantic approach to music teaching and music appreciation. Rhythm, beat, melody and harmony, marks and punctuates a student's life at TVS Academy.
Children are exposed to different materials and are encouraged to experiment and also importantly to express their ideas and thought processes through the use of multiple forms.
Field trips
In the primary section, students regularly go on Nature walks to get hands-on experiences around the campus and town. Students are taken on a number of visits to assist their understanding. Students are taken to places of interest in Tamil Nadu. This enhances their understanding of their immediate location, cultural and environmental awareness.
Innovative Teaching-Learning Practices and Materials
The school systematically develops innovative and meaningful curricular materials in different subject areas and grade levels. Teachers continually experiment with a variety of pedagogical strategies and methods to continually improve their skills and techniques.
Personal Growth and Development
The schools offer unique opportunities for personal growth and development through its courses on Yoga and Philosophy. The practices of mindful breathing, yoga and Meditations help students to develop a deeper awareness of themselves. Further, students explore complex social issues and personal relationships through reflective dialogues and simulated role plays.
A Commitment to the Community
In order to become responsible members of the community, students are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities and interact with the students and members of the local community. They are encouraged to make learning meaningful by exploring issues that affect them and their community. These interactions have helped students to develop fresh insights and perceptions, and to act with greater awareness and responsibility with regards to the earth and all forms of life.
A Collaborative Role for Parents and Teachers
The school recognizes that parents and teachers share a pivotal role in the development of the students. A program of continuing dialogues between students, teachers and specialists in education create a common ground for sharing mutual concerns.