TVSA Tiruvannamalai


Greetings everyone!

We, at TVS Academy perceive education as a journey, an exploration, a pursuit for excellence and not a race to be won. Our child-centred approach ensures that every child is attended to, cared for and supported in his/her learning initiatives. We offer an emotionally and intellectually nurturing environment where students and teachers together experience the excitement and joy of learning.

Our Teacher Education Program introduces our teachers to current trends and best practices in education. The program enables teachers to develop a deep understanding of the subject, explore multiple teaching approaches and strategies and guide students to question, experiment and discover. Our school is a second home for both students and teachers. We are an inclusive community with a strong bond between teachers, students, and parents who work together to realise our mission. The school offers all parents opportunities to be involved in a variety of events during the year, apart from helping teachers and participating in parent enrichment programs.

Through our community service program, teachers and children are sensitized to various problems faced by different sections of the community. Students and teachers address some of these issues in initiatives that reflect their care, concern and responsibility for the community. This has created a powerful and empathetic connection between the school and the community.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our school and how we help our children become compassionate individuals, innovative thinkers and proactive change makers.

Rashmi Sreenivas
TVS Academy