TVSA Tiruvannamalai


In the Middle School (GRADES 6 – 8), children are in their early teens, it is a time of physical and emotional change, where everything is questioned and where peers exert a strong influence, but at the same time, the students need continual support, encouragement and understanding. The children’s world has become more complex and challenging, making greater emotional and intellectual demands of them.

They want to push boundaries and are keen to investigate and explore in-depth issues that interest them or challenge them. The program provides an exciting and fun learning environment where a team of sensitive and insightful teachers collaborates with students to build their confidence and encourage them to take risks in a safe and supportive setting.

Core Learning Program

The core learning program in the Middle school consists of multiple subjects – History, Geography, Mathematics, General Science, English, Tamil and Hindi. The transition from primary school poses a tremendous challenge to the child entering Middle school. With its focus on collaborative learning with peer and teacher support, the program offers a safety net that enables students to gently transition into this stage of school. Students learn to work in a group, debating and resolving conflicts, sharing and taking responsibility for decisions and actions of the group. Students through projects and activities explore in depth each theme or idea in their subjects and in the interest areas of their choice.

Arts And Crafts

In the fine arts, children are introduced to the various elements that go into the composition of an artwork – colour and tonality, perspective, light and shadow, arrangement and balance, size and dimension of strokes and lines. They learn to analyze and critique their work and make refinements. They are also introduced to diverse techniques, methods and materials – sketches, watercolours, oils, crayons and a variety of media.

Craft-persons from the community are invited to the school to share their knowledge and skills. They work with the children on pottery, basket making and textile weaving, using local materials. Children learn from them the narratives and myths that influence their knowledge and craft.


The TVS Academy’s sports program promotes teamwork and encourages children to enjoy the fun and excitement of the game.