TVSA Tiruvannamalai


As a school we feel strongly that students must engage with the local community to help meet challenges, take responsibility and initiate collective action to bring about meaningful change. Students spend half a day every week on their community projects, which are an integral part of the school program in the Middle and Senior years. Most importantly, students learn to plan, work together as a team and take responsibility and ownership of the community-based projects.

In the Middle school, students and teachers learn to care for the children in the blind schools and elders in the homes for the aged. The middle school students act to change public opinion through peaceful marches, street theatre presentations, and by writing to community leaders and representatives. These engagements senstise students to diverse perspectives, abilities and aspirations and enable them to act with greater sensitivity and empathy in their own lives.

In the Senior school, students foreground social and political issues through print, stage presentations and projects, to conscientise the community. Students have initiated a green action program where they gather and recycle plastic garbage from all their homes; they make paper bags from old newspapers for the vegetable vendors and plant trees on the roads and depleted wooded areas neighbouring the school. The senior school students interact with children from local village schools, teaching them computer literacy and tutoring them in various subjects. These interactions enable students to act in ways that reflect a deep sense of responsibility, concern and care for the community.